Text Box: 62 E. Grove st.                                                March, 2014
Middleboro, MA  02346
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Text Box: The Lord welcomes and blesses all that come to worship and lead a life of faith and acceptance.

The Lord teaches to let God lead our lives in joy, and that accepting faith in God promises peace and eternal life.

Advent Lutheran Church

62 E. Grove St.

Middleborough, MA  02346

To contact us:

Phone: 508-947-8819


E-mail: office@adventmiddleboro.org  office@adventmiddleboro.org

Every Sunday for Worship Service at 10:00 AM,
Followed by assorted snacks and drinks in our fellowship hall at 11:00 AM.

Be sure to check our Calendar for current and upcoming events.
*  Worshiping the Season of LENT  *

Join us for Worship and Celebration every Sunday!

~  Coming in April:  Bible Study in the Evening  ~

Following are some of the focus of our Prayers and Contributions …

*   For all people in need of care, whatever it may be!   *

*   For victims and survivors of the crisis in disaster areas!  *

*   Peace in the Middle East and around the world!   *

*   For all who travel to visit and care for others!   *

*   For direction and strength to aid each other’s needs!   *

*   To be Thankful for each other, our Brothers & Sisters!    *

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